Where are your feet taking you today? School is drawing to an end here and so packing is taking place. One exam next week that I’ll come back for then off for summer! Thankfully I get this room next year, too bad I can’t keep my stuff here over summer.

I hope this summer I can go tubing! So relaxing and fun while enjoying a tan! That’s what summer is all about, soaking in the sun! Hope everyone has something enjoyable planned for summer! Even if it’s a weekend to your favorite restaurant. Enjoy your friends and loved ones!



The mesquite marinade takes oil and water to mix but nothing more.

Here is the continuation of the last post. This is mesquite chicken with green beans. I marinated the two chicken breasts in the mesquite over night so it soaks in. When I was ready to make dinner then I pulled it out stirred it around. I preheated the oven for 350 and put the chicken in a pan and put the green beans into the marinade so they could have the same flavor. I stirred them around some and then when the oven was preheated I added the green beans to the pan and poured the left over marinade over it all. I always put the timer on for 15 min intervals so I can turn the chicken over and stir the green beans around some. Then I put it on for another 20 to 30 minutes until the chicken is done. I cut the chicken open to make sure its gets fully cooked through. This is a simple dinner, you can add whatever side you want. I have made it with carrots marinaded too. If you enjoy rice you could make rice for your side. A side salad or some fruit would make this an all around nutritious meal. I hope you guys try it and give feedback on how it was! Sorry I did not have pictures, I always forget to take pictures while cooking.

Simple Quick Dinner!  

Here is the last dinner our of the three. It was teriyaki broccoli chicken rice. I marinated two chicken breasts in the teriyaki sauce, any kind will work. I think I will try a different kind next time. This one was a bite spicy. I boiled the bag of rice while I was cooking up the chicken in the skillet. I had it set on high and placed the chicken in skillet and turned them after about a minute on one side. Left it on that side for about a minute too and then I turned the heat down to low and took one out at a time to cut up into bite size pieces. Then added it back to the skillet. I let them cook up and put the steam broccoli in the microwave as said on package. They were nicely cooked through when they came out. I would recommend The Green Giant Steamers. Then when the rice was done cooking I cut open the bag and added it to the chicken in the skillet, as well as the broccoli. I add a little more teriyaki sauce to it and stirred it until it was well mixed and then dinner was complete. Didn’t take very long and was simple to do. I hope you all enjoy this and add and make changes as to please your family. Let me know if there is something you change or add to this recipe and I might try it!

Healthy and Simple!

Three Recipes: Two Packages of Chicken Breast

I made these recipes a while back but had to get my blog going before I could get them up. So here it is, three recipes from two packages of chicken breast! I love getting a couple of dinners ready so that I can throw them together when I have to head out. From left to right in the picture it tells you what the sauce is that it is marinating in. The first two: enchilada and mesquite are our favorites. The third one I was trying a new recipe that I threw together.

Some of these ingredients are ones that should always be in stock at your house!

In the above photo shows you the ingredients that are needed in my Enchiladas. I used two chicken breasts and marinated it in half of the green enchilada sauce. I added some garlic salt to it as well juice from half a lime. I let this marinate in the refrigerator for a day. I cooked it up the next night. I just covered it with foil and it was good to go. Before I cooked it up I stirred up the chicken in the marinade then heated my skillet to HIGH. I then placed the chicken in the skillet and turned them after a minute or so on one side then did the same on the other side. I then turned down the skillet to LOW and took one breast out at a time to cut into pieces. Remember you want bite size pieces since it will be going into a tortilla.

The process of cooking up the chicken that was soaking in Green Enchilada sauce

After cutting up the chicken, place it back into the skillet and let it cook and brown up a little. I kept half of the green enchilada sauce so I could add a little more to the skillet and also to add-on top of the tortillas before going in the oven. When the chicken is done cooking, I take a tortilla and place some chicken in the middle of it, add some cheese and then fold it up and place in a greased pan. I continue this until all the chicken is in tortillas. I then pour the rest of the green enchilada sauce on top of the enchiladas. I also sprinkle cheese on top of that. Then add a hint of lime juice on top as well.

The oven temperature was set at 350 degrees. I put them in there for about 5-10 minutes until then brown up a little on the edges and seem a little crispy. Then I take them out and plate them up. I use shredded lettuce and place a line of that on the plate for presentation and use. Then I place two enchiladas on the lettuce. Some times I’ll add a dollop of sour cream if I’m in the mood for it or have it in the house. Then it is time to put your feet up and enjoy dinner with your hunny.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe as much as I did. Sorry it is not in a regular recipe format, I just throw it together without measuring, but about 2 lbs of chicken breast or less can use the whole can of the green enchilada sauce and the whole lime. I do not ever use the whole bag of lettuce or tortillas or cheese for this recipe. The recipe yields: 4 Enchiladas


Tomorrow, well today 😛 I will add the other two recipes for you! That means come back and check it out. Subscribe to my blog and you will get emails about when new posts are up. It is on the right hand side of the page! Thanks have a great night and a good start to the weekend. 🙂

Chick Fil A Day!

Friday the 8th was Chick Fil A’s dress like a cow day. You dress like a cow and you get a free meal. So I decided to go, I did it the year   before and I had fun. This time there was not a cow tour or a van and car packed with people but it was still fun! So have any of you gone and dressed like a cow for the Chick Fil A day? I think next year I am going to get some of my family and friends to go so that it’s more enjoyable and I can take tons of photos and just have a good time. I think this may be a new tradition of mine!!! Hehe

Pottery Oh Pottery!!

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My Creations

The pieces in the photo are my own and I also took and edited the picture myself!

These pieces that are in the above picture where all made on the wheel when I was taking Pottery 2 at my college. I am now obsessed with ceramics and always want my hands in clay. I will soon be putting up some pottery that I have for sale. Pottery is a learned skill that will make me broke one day! I love functional and nonfunctional pieces and I believe anything can be art. I have made some great pieces that were mess ups but then I made them into masterpieces! haha

There are a lot of pottery videos on YouTube that show how artist create different objects. I have watched many of them to help me with ideas and inspiration. Not all videos were helpful but you have to pick an chose which ones will fit what you’re looking for. Ceramics have been around for years upon years and techniques have changed and advanced to help us get to where we are today. Take some time and look up the history of pottery or some YouTube videos! I linked Wikipedia to this post so you can do some more exploring.