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My summer has officially started! I’m all moved out of the dorm and my exams are done! Waiting for two grades and hoping there both A’s! I am so excited that summer is here, it will be a busy one and I hope it is a great one! I have a pottery internship and I hope to find a job as well, since I deff need the money.

My list of what I want to do: go tubing, take lots of pictures, enjoy some good restaurants, see some new galleries and art shops, go to festivals and shows, put my artwork up for sale, lose weight and be happy! Oh and of course tan! I don’t have a lot of stuff I want just normal stuff that happens! The biggest wish would be if I could go to the beach, but no money equals no beach since its a half days trip to get there!

Well what are your plans for summer?



Where are your feet taking you today? School is drawing to an end here and so packing is taking place. One exam next week that I’ll come back for then off for summer! Thankfully I get this room next year, too bad I can’t keep my stuff here over summer.

I hope this summer I can go tubing! So relaxing and fun while enjoying a tan! That’s what summer is all about, soaking in the sun! Hope everyone has something enjoyable planned for summer! Even if it’s a weekend to your favorite restaurant. Enjoy your friends and loved ones!