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Christmas is quickly approaching us. Ten days away and counting. Some people have their shopping done, some have a few things left to get and others haven’t walked into a store for a gift, Oh and lets not forget the ones that are not able to get gifts this year. Hard situation but some times it’s the case. Now days money becomes tight because it goes to bills and gas and gifts during the holidays are not a necessity.

This year is hard for my family and I but as long as we have family the holidays can still be as bright without gifts as it can be with. Gifts don’t have to be material things. We have let holidays become commercialized. Sad that as families we thing that we have to give gifts to have a good time. Come on now…. that is not the case.

Break out a deck of cards and play go fish or BS or spoons. Learn a new card game for the holidays. Break out some of those old board games that are collecting dust and gather the family to enjoy some fun. Have a snowball fight if it’s a snowing. Decorate the house and enjoy singing Christmas music to get into the mood of family fun.

Lets put our glasses up and cheers to having a good Christmas and other holidays with our families with or without money! Get some laughs going this year, pull a friendly prank on someone, share or give something away to make someone happy.

Let me know how you’re preparing for the holidays or what stresses your having because it’s the holidays!


You know summer is almost over and the new school year is about to begin soon when you smell school supplies in your local Wal-Mart. I went to Wal-Mart today with my parents and I saw for the first time, a display for back to College! Maybe they have had them before and I didn’t see them or maybe this was the first time. All I know is it made me want to buy some supplies and some food and head off to college. I go back in August and it will be the beginning of my third year in college. Yes, you heard right third year!! Crazy, it seems like t has flown by. I hope to only have one more year after this one but matters how my schedule plays out. Anyways, what I was getting to was what are the go to decor for dorm rooms and the go to recipes that can only be cooked with a microwave?

I love to decorate and I get my own room this year, so I know I will go crazy on trying to make my room comfortable and functional for all my needs. I have a painting I will be working on that will be going in my dorm! I’m excited about it. I also wish I could make like a little coffee shop area in my closet, since I’ll have two of them. I would also love to make sure I have my art supplies there so I don’t have to ever be bored. I want it to feel like an artist loft area! Not sure how to go about doing that, especially with little to no money. I need to sell half my pottery haha since its taking over my room anyways! My creative side will come out and find some ways to make my dream for my room to come true!

I think I will have to take before and after pictures of my dorm room this year, and every time I change it! ha If I create something for the dorm room, I will post pictures and How-To(s) on here. Remember you can always be creative and recycle to create something function. My freshman year I took two hand towels and Velcro a fold in them and hung them on a little curtain rod and put it in my bathroom window for some privacy! Yes hand towels, they were awesome!!

Well I guess I need to start looking at pictures and DIY’s online to find ideas for my room! I’ll put another post up tomorrow!! Have a great night and good Thursday!!