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I have now been in a serious relationship for three years, I feel like I have the best connection with him! I have never had a relationship this easy, happy, worth everything. So I thought I’d list a few things that I think helps my relationship, this may or may not apply to your own relationship.

  1. Communication: Talk about everything, even if your scared to tell him whats bothering you! Its better to let him know and get it off your chest and try to work it out then hold it in and nothing change.
  2. Trust: Don’t hover over him, he wants some space just like you do.
  3. Date Nights: Even a little time out to eat or a home cooked meal where you are sitting together at the table and can just talk and relax is a great time to just be with each other. There are so many different dates you can go on, whether at home or out and about. They don’t have to break your wallet either.
  4. Laughing: Every relationship needs some laughter, make a joke, or do something silly to make them laugh and enjoy the connection they have with you.
  5. The Simple Rule: If you know he doesn’t remember where he puts his phone or keys, just keep an eye out for them and when he asks you can tell him. Makes him feel like you care. Do the little things that will help him through the day where its a little back rub, or grabbing him a beer, all men want is to be pampered as much as you do. I believe it goes both ways, he should do the same for you.
  6. Little Notes: Either send him a text just saying you miss his smile or leave him notes for when he comes home from work.
  7. Sitting next to him and not talking but just a hand on his or a little bump of the arms to say hey I love you. Even time alone from each other at times helps.

Well those are the ones I can think of right now, I may add more later on in another post. Would love to hear some of your relationship advice too! Good Luck and get a date night planned!!

Britney 🙂



I believe this picture was found on Pinterest

Affection touches not just the heart but changes the

Beat of the heart

Caring for another person

Develops an

Emotional connection that

Frees the soul to

Give unto each other which creates a

Happy environment where two can grow and

Inspire each other to grow and

Jump into their goals and dreams

Killing the doubts

Lying deep within from the deep

Memories for the past

Never to look back

Only in the

Present while

Quietly awaiting the

Roaming thoughts while

Staring into the dark sky at

The stars that

Unveil the truth

Volunteering the path

Worth taking as if

Xylograph on your heart

Yearning to follow the

Zigzags that life throws our way

So I had to do this for an assignment for class, the Prof commented and said it was different from what she wanted but it was still creative. I thought I would share it and see what people thought. I usually don’t write anything like this so input n comments would be awesome!