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What’s your summer going to be like? I will be one busy woman for summer this year! Lots going on! I have a great pottery internship, hopefully a job, and I get to go to Penland School of the Arts and Crafts for glaze calculations!! Super excited. I have also created another blog for just my pottery! Have a Facebook for it too. Yayyy for moving forward and making memories and working hard.

I wish I had a 35 mm camera and lens, I used one this semester and had a great time taking pictures and developing them! It is such a different skill then just taking pictures on a digital camera. You have to make sure you load the camera right, take the pictures with the correct lighting and then develop the film, let alone after that you have to enlarge the image and create a print. Goes back to our basic camera skill.

This summer I want to have a fun full summer but also slow down and get in the woods and relax, enjoy the sounds, smells and feel of trees and the environment of nature surrounding me. Slow down a little and enjoy the simple life.


Thought I would take my camera out for a walk today since it was a nice sunny day. Only grabbed a couple of photos but the one above is my favorite so I had to share. This is a walkway I take every day to head to classes or to the ceramic studio (my other bedroom). You can already see that some leaves have fallen, but it will be fun to take a photo when more have and the sidewalk is full of them! I hope you remember the simply things in life this week when your walking to work or to the mail box or even to classes and think about how many other people have walked the same pathway yet they were not on your pathway of life.

So I was just adding some related articles when I realize that there is a Photo Challenge of Paths. Well I did not even know about this when I took this photo today. I feel like I am apart of something since I did!

P.S. Remember you can always change your direction when on a path, a path is not just a straight way to where you want to go. Sometimes you have to take short cuts, sometimes it’s a little bit longer of a walk than what we wanted in the beginning. In the end we will get to where we want to go.

Snapshot of the flag on Chimney Rock on the way up!

I am so blessed to live in an area where I can go an hour or so away and see some amazing mountains. Chimney Rock State Park is a great place to go and take the family on a day hike and see the view from the top of Chimney Rock. It was amazing to see Lake Lure from on the mountain. I can’t lie, the hike was not easy! It is stairs all the way up since the elevator is being redone. I did it though, I took my time and encouraged myself to just take it as I could. My legs do hurt but pain is gain. I now feel like maybe I should go hiking with my boyfriend now! He always wants me to go but I think I make excuses even though I know I could handle it. I did not have that confidence until I hiked to the top of Chimney Rock!

I loved seeing kids climb those stairs and accomplish something that they will remember as a great memory of hiking to the top of Chimney Rock. I saw a lot of kids there and I hope they all had a great time. Its fun to see how kids can out do parents in situations like hiking.