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What’s your summer going to be like? I will be one busy woman for summer this year! Lots going on! I have a great pottery internship, hopefully a job, and I get to go to Penland School of the Arts and Crafts for glaze calculations!! Super excited. I have also created another blog for just my pottery! Have a Facebook for it too. Yayyy for moving forward and making memories and working hard.

I wish I had a 35 mm camera and lens, I used one this semester and had a great time taking pictures and developing them! It is such a different skill then just taking pictures on a digital camera. You have to make sure you load the camera right, take the pictures with the correct lighting and then develop the film, let alone after that you have to enlarge the image and create a print. Goes back to our basic camera skill.

This summer I want to have a fun full summer but also slow down and get in the woods and relax, enjoy the sounds, smells and feel of trees and the environment of nature surrounding me. Slow down a little and enjoy the simple life.


I love this potter Simon Leach. He is so easy to understand and follow and makes me want to just sit on the wheel for hours. Sadly its hard to sit there when I have classes that come over pottery since pottery is a side thing for right now since I’m not in the class. The bud vases are the ones I need to get a hang of since I hear they sell best around here. They look like fun to do just not easy sometimes!

So I’ll let you guys in one something… I have long nails! Yeah I know right, everyone asks the same thing… how do you throw with nails? Well it is not easy but I love my nails and have always had them, yes they are real, and no not a gross long. I have had some difficult times but I just have to over come it because I can’t cut one part of myself to create another part of me. It takes practice and patience, which sometimes I don’t have! haha But pottery is all about patience I swear it is.

Well I hope you enjoy his video and I also hope you check out some more of his stuff! He is amazing. Get on that wheel and throw a bud vase or bottle and let me know how it goes! I will try my best to get on sometime this week and throw one, I have a busy schedule right now with having two drawing and a 2D class projects to work on, so pottery is kinda on back burner for a little bit. Have a good end of the week since it is Hump Day today! Let me know how your wheel time was this week!

See Ya soon!!