Winter Blues

Posted: February 22, 2012 in ceramics
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I am very sorry I never keep up with my blog and offer new posts all the time. I’m always down in the ceramic studio working my butt off trying to find my style and get career ready. I am very excited about summer! I have some opportunities to further my education in ceramics. I might be able to stay and help at a home run studio as well as help another potter with festivals. I also put an application in for Penland the school of arts and crafts and hopefully get accepted to take a course to also help my knowledge of pottery!

A lot to look forward to for summer, hope it all works out. I am so ready to have my own studio, but still new to learn the ins and outs of the business aspect of it all.

Keeping busy in my art filled semester! Keeping a notebook and track of all the pottery pieces I am making this semester. So far it’s helping a lot! I wrote down a description, an item number as well as what glaze I plan to use. The number is also on the bottom of my pieces. Then I’ll know what glazes I tried out and keep track of what I like and what I can change.

Ok ok enough talking! I need to set an alarm and post everyday, I still doubt I’ll remember. Staying too busy at school at the moment. I’ll have to post sown of my pieces soon! Show my loves off! Haha


The Time has Arrived

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

The new iPhone is now in my hands and I hope to blog more because of it. I think I’m going to have to come up with what I want to blog about for a week at a time so I can be prepared and always have something to post. If anyone has ideas, I would love to hear about them in the comments. I always enjoy comments and I hope for more and more traffic on my blog! Tell your friends and family bout the blog if you think they would be interested! 🙂 I would love to get some more recipes and show more of my pottery as I work I work on it!

I am also going to try to add a lot more pictures to the blog, since that’s what I enjoy on blogs when I go to look at them.

I hope everyone’s new year is starting off good! Mine surely is!😄

Well hope to post another one today as well as the rest of the week!

Getting an Iphone! I hope it gives me more of an excuse and way to get on my blog and actually blog regularly! I am not very good at it so far! Going to be starting another busy school semester in a week and a half and then that keeps me from blogging much as well. Man I need to get on the roll of it and just sit down and do it everyday! I need some advice to how to do this with a busy schedule!!

Christmas is quickly approaching us. Ten days away and counting. Some people have their shopping done, some have a few things left to get and others haven’t walked into a store for a gift, Oh and lets not forget the ones that are not able to get gifts this year. Hard situation but some times it’s the case. Now days money becomes tight because it goes to bills and gas and gifts during the holidays are not a necessity.

This year is hard for my family and I but as long as we have family the holidays can still be as bright without gifts as it can be with. Gifts don’t have to be material things. We have let holidays become commercialized. Sad that as families we thing that we have to give gifts to have a good time. Come on now…. that is not the case.

Break out a deck of cards and play go fish or BS or spoons. Learn a new card game for the holidays. Break out some of those old board games that are collecting dust and gather the family to enjoy some fun. Have a snowball fight if it’s a snowing. Decorate the house and enjoy singing Christmas music to get into the mood of family fun.

Lets put our glasses up and cheers to having a good Christmas and other holidays with our families with or without money! Get some laughs going this year, pull a friendly prank on someone, share or give something away to make someone happy.

Let me know how you’re preparing for the holidays or what stresses your having because it’s the holidays!

So it is the end of my Junior Fall Semester and the stress piles up! I know I can get everything done, but there is no motivation to. I have a presentation to give, 2 papers to write, 1 self-portrait, 1 painting assignment, and I believe 4 test/exams before I am done. I have 6 days left not including the one weekend left. I am just ready for it all to be over and be on Christmas break to get away from school. I know it will get better as days get knocked out, but I’m not there yet.

I also can’t wait for break because then I get to cook my own food instead of going to the caf for food. I want to make all kinds of stuff I got ideas from Pinterest!

Potato Pancakes

Baked Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Loaded Potato Soup

Pretzel Bites

These are all on my food board, check them out!

Those are just a few of the ones I really want to make. It will be nice to get back in the kitchen and cook for my boyfriend and I and also my family. I hope to have a great Christmas. I would love to throw a party but money is tight so we will see.

What are your holiday plans and what are some new foods that you will try soon?

Boo! Halloween weekend is almost here….. so what’s everyone gonna be? I will be kicking back watching a local band two nights in a row and dressed as a stereotypical nerd…. the taped glasses, suspenders, high pants, two different colored high socks! It should be some fun! I can’t wait. Its wayyyyyy better than sitting in the dorm room not doing anything at all. Oh well homework you ask, HAHAHAHA that doesn’t get done very much. I am not someone who likes or works hard at homework. Never have, prob never will unless something in my mind changes.

So what are some Halloween costumes you or your family and friends will be wearing? Do you celebrate Halloween like most people with candy and annoying knocks on doors 😛 or with just doing the normal any other day kinda thing? I’ve done both before. Not sure what I enjoy more. I do love Autumn and the smells and colors! I’m sooo ready for Thanksgiving, man some good home cooking! I hope everyone gets to take Thanksgiving and enjoy it with family or friends! It is a nice time to stop and think about what life is all about.

I’m sooooo excited…. I have 6 weeks left of school this semester! I am so ready for a nice long break. It will be with family and friends which always makes break fly by but it will still be nice to have some down time from school. I’m getting to that point where I just want to be done. I guess its cause I’m a Junior and just want to start my life outside of school. I’ll try to be patient and enjoy it while I’m here though. What is your favorite part of this time of year?

So it is getting colder and colder which makes most people want to stay in and in pajamas! Then lets play with that and make a night of inside fun. Movie night!! This could be with family, your significant other, your best friends or you and your cozy pets.

Grab the Chex Mix, the hot cocoa, and the fruit salsa and cinnamon tortilla chips and a stack of movies and your blanket and get the night started.

Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Tortillas Recipe

With the above link you can see a recipe for the fruit salsa. Different fruits can be added or taken away from it.

Original Chex Mix Recipe

There are other versions on the right hand side of the screen. I love Chex Mix and especially when they are warm and fresh!

So what type of movies would you be watching?

I think I would have to go for some comedy or chick flicks!

I think it would be fun to have some of my college friends over and make a night of movie watching and chit chatting! Too bad my TV is small and I don’t have DVD player… could use the laptop 😛 even though it’s about the same size! Well could always do it in someone else room.

Well this weekend I will enjoy some movie cozy time to myself with some popcorn and hot cocoa maybe with some cinnamon in it.

Hope you have a movie night soon and have fun!