Coffee Shop Regular

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I have started coming to this coffee shop in Charlotte for about a year or so now and I feel like a regular now. I see faces that I have over and over again. They may not know me or realize that I have been here tons of times but it still puts a smile on my face to see the same people come in the door and smile and greet each other like they are neighbors that live a door down from each other. I want that! I want to have friends that I see more often and ones that I learn new things from and learn other people’s stories. We all have a story to tell, whether its tragic a romance a mystery or if you feel like your plain jane or jack. We all have something different about us to express and share with others. Humans are sharing people yet the technology is so advanced we can’t even keep in touch with the ones that are supposed to be the closes to us. Watching people talk and laugh and smile and hug to say hi and bye are great gestures that we should be doing on a daily basis. What makes us shy away from talking to one another or even holding a door for a stranger?

We all go through the same things for the most part. We wake up in the morning get ready and head or take care of something during the day then come home or finish our jobs and get ready to relax and head to bed. Eating, showering, dealing with money. There are guidelines in life that everyone follows. We are so much alike no matter who we are! I wish I could just sit down with everyone and learn their stories. What makes them tick, who are they from their point of view. How do other people perceive them?

Why do we judge people without knowing who they are or where they came from? We don’t like being judged so why do we do it to others. We all need to take the time to learn about others and not judge them by the way they look or act the first time you meet them. Time for a change in how we treat others.


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