Winter Blues

Posted: February 22, 2012 in ceramics
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I am very sorry I never keep up with my blog and offer new posts all the time. I’m always down in the ceramic studio working my butt off trying to find my style and get career ready. I am very excited about summer! I have some opportunities to further my education in ceramics. I might be able to stay and help at a home run studio as well as help another potter with festivals. I also put an application in for Penland the school of arts and crafts and hopefully get accepted to take a course to also help my knowledge of pottery!

A lot to look forward to for summer, hope it all works out. I am so ready to have my own studio, but still new to learn the ins and outs of the business aspect of it all.

Keeping busy in my art filled semester! Keeping a notebook and track of all the pottery pieces I am making this semester. So far it’s helping a lot! I wrote down a description, an item number as well as what glaze I plan to use. The number is also on the bottom of my pieces. Then I’ll know what glazes I tried out and keep track of what I like and what I can change.

Ok ok enough talking! I need to set an alarm and post everyday, I still doubt I’ll remember. Staying too busy at school at the moment. I’ll have to post sown of my pieces soon! Show my loves off! Haha


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