Hot Chocolate in Hand

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday was the festival and we were all looking forward to a nice sunny fall day. Well that did not happen sadly. It was a cloudy windy cold day. The tents all had to be secured down at the corners so it would not fly away. In fact while starting to set up the tent from behind us flew at us and almost hit my mom. We ran to rescue the tent and turn it back over and have the guy secure it, well try to at least. He was not prepared for wind, he tied a gallon bottle of water from two sides. ha Later on we found a cement block to put over at the corner of his tent so we would not be attacked again. Anyways, we set up and hope for the best, well it gets colder! We had to search to find what booth had some hot chocolate or apple cider. I had layers on but that was not enough so we got blankets and wrapped them around us. Oh man I was so cold! See I’m born and raised Florida Girl. I do not like cold weather and never have. Plus it was in the 70s this whole week then snap 40s.

There were still a lot of people who came out and had a good time visiting the vendors. We talked to the lady next to us and she said last year was so much better. I think it was because the weather was nice the year before and it made more people come out. But hey we had some sales and some people got excited about what they were buying and little kids got to play with water yoyos so things turned out good. I just wish it was a little warmer! I had some apple cider in my mug and trying to keep my hands warm with it.

I will have pictures to load later, have to check them out and see how they turned out. Have you gone to any festivals this year? How did they go?

  1. Ah!! Hot chocolate…i feel like having one now !! Sorry to hear about the bad weather… but happy to hear the sales news 🙂

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