About a week back some of the leaves were already falling, not much color change has happen yet but heck today is the first day of Fall so it will happen soon! The cool weather has already been moving through a little at a time. I love Fall. I love living in the mountains and being able to take it all in while walking to classes. I would love to curl up next to a fireplace with some yummy hot chocolate or warm apple cider and cuddle while reading a great book. I love looking at all the pictures from Pinterest that are the Fall landscapes and leaves. It has pumped me up for this Fall. I also have a festival next Saturday that I’m very excited about. I will be setting up my booth and sell my pottery and some paintings and other crafts that my mom and I have worked on. Last year was a great Autumn day and I hope this year will be the same so we will have a great turn out.


I hope everyone gets to enjoy Fall and take some great picture of their kids in the leaves or as a couple. Carve some pumpkins, try some new recipes, go for a nice walk. Just take in the fresh air and remember to slow down sometimes.

My goal this Autumn is to get some great photos for myself and maybe get a hike in there at Craggy Gardens here in North Carolina on the Blue Ridge Parkway with my love. As well as some great couple pictures of us!

  1. George says:

    Great photo! Please post more!

    • Britney V says:

      I wish I could claim that one as one of my own but I found that one off of Pinterest! I will start putting up some of my own soon! 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. BisonWoman says:

    What an awesome photo! I love it!

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