Anthropologie Jealousy

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Ohhhhh My Goshhhhhh…. I wish I was wealthy. I had the joy of entering an Anthropologie today and I wish I worked for that company. Their window displays and even the displays in the store and so appealing and attractive. I love how they use re-purposed items that you could find in a trash can or recycling bin on a daily basis. Their style and creativeness of the displays are exciting. They are balanced displays that draw your eyes to not just the clothes but the display. They make you want to use cups or tea bags as decor. I would love to translate some of the ideas from the displays to in my dorm room. I would have to figure out how to hang the items since you can’t nail in the dorm room walls.

Go check out some images of their displays either on their Facebook or through Google images. They are just so creative. I have an idea for a display but I can’t do it in the dorm so maybe one day I can do it somewhere. It would involve records!! Yes, records. I think using plastic cups would be fun, esp if you dipped them into paint part way.

Cups and Crates

I googled and found this image. I’m not sure where it came from otherwise. I love the use of cups, everyone can find a pack of cups from the dollar store and create something like this. I also love the crates, it gives you extra storage and you can display what you like. I wish I could work for Anthropologie and work on their displays. Thank would be amazing!!!

  1. AmberLee says:

    i didn’t know they had pics on their facebook page! I need to go browse. And I’m with you, i am always completely inspired every single time, how do they do that?

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