White Box Challenge

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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HGTV’s Design Star is back on for Season 6. I don’t have cable so that means I have to wait until the next day or so after the show airs until I can see it. Well that is not always a bad thing! I chose to watch it tonight since in August I go back to school and basically have a clean slate to have a great room for a year. Of course I am not allowed to paint or cut up furniture but design star gives me ideas! I found this following site that shows all the rooms that they created. From white box to creations. http://www.thedesignfile.net/thedesignfile/2011/07/design-star-challenges-contestants-to-think-outside-the-white-box-but-some-cant.html

If you were given a white room with a few pieces of furniture and $1,200, what would you create? I think I would have my dream room if I had money like that. But the challenge is if they put a limit on where you can shop, like they do on the show. Then that could be a little harder than you think at first. If you have never watched Design Star then you should go give it a try! You can find it on HGTV’s home website and clicking Design Star. This is a great show that will keep you watching until you find out who is going home that day.


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