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Posted: July 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The mesquite marinade takes oil and water to mix but nothing more.

Here is the continuation of the last post. This is mesquite chicken with green beans. I marinated the two chicken breasts in the mesquite over night so it soaks in. When I was ready to make dinner then I pulled it out stirred it around. I preheated the oven for 350 and put the chicken in a pan and put the green beans into the marinade so they could have the same flavor. I stirred them around some and then when the oven was preheated I added the green beans to the pan and poured the left over marinade over it all. I always put the timer on for 15 min intervals so I can turn the chicken over and stir the green beans around some. Then I put it on for another 20 to 30 minutes until the chicken is done. I cut the chicken open to make sure its gets fully cooked through. This is a simple dinner, you can add whatever side you want. I have made it with carrots marinaded too. If you enjoy rice you could make rice for your side. A side salad or some fruit would make this an all around nutritious meal. I hope you guys try it and give feedback on how it was! Sorry I did not have pictures, I always forget to take pictures while cooking.

Simple Quick Dinner!  

Here is the last dinner our of the three. It was teriyaki broccoli chicken rice. I marinated two chicken breasts in the teriyaki sauce, any kind will work. I think I will try a different kind next time. This one was a bite spicy. I boiled the bag of rice while I was cooking up the chicken in the skillet. I had it set on high and placed the chicken in skillet and turned them after about a minute on one side. Left it on that side for about a minute too and then I turned the heat down to low and took one out at a time to cut up into bite size pieces. Then added it back to the skillet. I let them cook up and put the steam broccoli in the microwave as said on package. They were nicely cooked through when they came out. I would recommend The Green Giant Steamers. Then when the rice was done cooking I cut open the bag and added it to the chicken in the skillet, as well as the broccoli. I add a little more teriyaki sauce to it and stirred it until it was well mixed and then dinner was complete. Didn’t take very long and was simple to do. I hope you all enjoy this and add and make changes as to please your family. Let me know if there is something you change or add to this recipe and I might try it!

Healthy and Simple!


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