>Sunshine on the 2nd Floor

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

>Living on the second floor has made my life easier! My roommate and I can come up here between classes and not feel like we have to stay close to the next class. Last year 4 stories up was fun but not the walk up there. Yes, we had our good times but man was it a pain to move out with all the stuff we brought and going up and down those stairs! Thank God we dont have to worry about that many this year. I like the new room, we have made it comfy like home. Miss my bigger bed but its only a few years of my life in college on a twin size, I’ll deal! Oh, would love a bigger TV too cause man ours is small! I dont care if its Plasma or HD, just one you can see! haha Well I think I’m gonna go find some books online to read. Bye for now!


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