>Chapter 1: Created Blog and Started Sophmore year at MHC

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

>The beginning of a new way to express myself. I love looking through other people’s blogs so I decided I’m gonna make my own! I hope it makes a difference in at least one person’s life! I am starting my second year at Mars Hill College and I am excited to continue my education to becoming an Art Teacher. I love art! If people have ideas for me to put on here or what would make my blog stand out then I would love input. I hope to post fun facts, photos, craft ideas, dorm ideas, recipes, decorating ideas and tips, and other interesting information! I am excited to begin and hope I can keep up with it while keeping up with my studies. I have 6 classes this fall semester so a heavy load to accomplish. Pottery, British Literature (wish me luck!), Spanish (Same, need good luck to get through!), Civic Life, Adolecent Learner, and Finite Math (Which I failed the first time because of a bad new teacher)! Well I guess I better go unpack a little more and get to bed early tonight. Classes start tomorrow!

  1. >sounds good for the first day and I hope you do this for a long time.

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