I have now been in a serious relationship for three years, I feel like I have the best connection with him! I have never had a relationship this easy, happy, worth everything. So I thought I’d list a few things that I think helps my relationship, this may or may not apply to your own relationship.

  1. Communication: Talk about everything, even if your scared to tell him whats bothering you! Its better to let him know and get it off your chest and try to work it out then hold it in and nothing change.
  2. Trust: Don’t hover over him, he wants some space just like you do.
  3. Date Nights: Even a little time out to eat or a home cooked meal where you are sitting together at the table and can just talk and relax is a great time to just be with each other. There are so many different dates you can go on, whether at home or out and about. They don’t have to break your wallet either. http://pinterest.com/believepottery/dates/
  4. Laughing: Every relationship needs some laughter, make a joke, or do something silly to make them laugh and enjoy the connection they have with you.
  5. The Simple Rule: If you know he doesn’t remember where he puts his phone or keys, just keep an eye out for them and when he asks you can tell him. Makes him feel like you care. Do the little things that will help him through the day where its a little back rub, or grabbing him a beer, all men want is to be pampered as much as you do. I believe it goes both ways, he should do the same for you.
  6. Little Notes: Either send him a text just saying you miss his smile or leave him notes for when he comes home from work.
  7. Sitting next to him and not talking but just a hand on his or a little bump of the arms to say hey I love you. Even time alone from each other at times helps.

Well those are the ones I can think of right now, I may add more later on in another post. Would love to hear some of your relationship advice too! Good Luck and get a date night planned!!

Britney 🙂


You ever feel like you have more than one side/talent that you could use but it never gets out? Right now I feel like I could be an interior designer and help others design their homes to make it more comfortable to live in. I love designing and I feel like I haven’t been able to use that skill that I have. I also feel like I could be a great host or party planner but I haven’t used that skill either. It makes me feel like I’m missing something. That I’m not reaching mt full potential. I’m not sure if I ever will if I think about it this way. Maybe the time will come later in life when I have kids and can design their rooms and throw them birthday parties. I have the rest of my life to work towards those skills and maybe then I can work at them and make them into more than what they are right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing my pottery and want to be an achieved potter, but there is so much more I know I can do. I think life will open up later on and I will be able to use those skills. Heck, I have a college dorm I can design next semester, that’s a start right! I will probably change that room around like four or five times during the duration of the year. Unless I keep too busy with my pottery senior exhibition stuff.

One thing I would love to work on is getting organized and get rid of stuff I don’t use anymore. I always feel like I want to get rid of stuff but so much of it has memories to me that it is not easy to part with. I realize that makes me a little materialistic but I hope I can get over more of that as time goes on.

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Thanks for stopping by!

Britney 🙂



Out at a gig in Charlotte NC, listening to my man work the drums! Summer is gonna be good this year!! What does everyone have in line for their summer? I will have a busy summer, pottery internships, Penland and pottery!! Lots of gigs to go to and enjoy! Also a great pottery weekend coming up at the end of June!

I can’t wait to get to the river and go tubing though!!! Tanning and the water and friends! That is what a good time calls for!!

Cocktails and beer for the added fun and enjoyment! I love mixing my own drinks using my own shot glasses!

Can you tell that I love using the exclamation point?! Ha I have gotten addicted to it and not sure why! Well I’m gonna sit back an enjoy this awesome band!! Have a great weekend!!

My summer has officially started! I’m all moved out of the dorm and my exams are done! Waiting for two grades and hoping there both A’s! I am so excited that summer is here, it will be a busy one and I hope it is a great one! I have a pottery internship and I hope to find a job as well, since I deff need the money.

My list of what I want to do: go tubing, take lots of pictures, enjoy some good restaurants, see some new galleries and art shops, go to festivals and shows, put my artwork up for sale, lose weight and be happy! Oh and of course tan! I don’t have a lot of stuff I want just normal stuff that happens! The biggest wish would be if I could go to the beach, but no money equals no beach since its a half days trip to get there!

Well what are your plans for summer?


Where are your feet taking you today? School is drawing to an end here and so packing is taking place. One exam next week that I’ll come back for then off for summer! Thankfully I get this room next year, too bad I can’t keep my stuff here over summer.

I hope this summer I can go tubing! So relaxing and fun while enjoying a tan! That’s what summer is all about, soaking in the sun! Hope everyone has something enjoyable planned for summer! Even if it’s a weekend to your favorite restaurant. Enjoy your friends and loved ones!


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What’s your summer going to be like? I will be one busy woman for summer this year! Lots going on! I have a great pottery internship, hopefully a job, and I get to go to Penland School of the Arts and Crafts for glaze calculations!! Super excited. I have also created another blog for just my pottery! Have a Facebook for it too. Yayyy for moving forward and making memories and working hard.

I wish I had a 35 mm camera and lens, I used one this semester and had a great time taking pictures and developing them! It is such a different skill then just taking pictures on a digital camera. You have to make sure you load the camera right, take the pictures with the correct lighting and then develop the film, let alone after that you have to enlarge the image and create a print. Goes back to our basic camera skill.

This summer I want to have a fun full summer but also slow down and get in the woods and relax, enjoy the sounds, smells and feel of trees and the environment of nature surrounding me. Slow down a little and enjoy the simple life.

I have started coming to this coffee shop in Charlotte for about a year or so now and I feel like a regular now. I see faces that I have over and over again. They may not know me or realize that I have been here tons of times but it still puts a smile on my face to see the same people come in the door and smile and greet each other like they are neighbors that live a door down from each other. I want that! I want to have friends that I see more often and ones that I learn new things from and learn other people’s stories. We all have a story to tell, whether its tragic a romance a mystery or if you feel like your plain jane or jack. We all have something different about us to express and share with others. Humans are sharing people yet the technology is so advanced we can’t even keep in touch with the ones that are supposed to be the closes to us. Watching people talk and laugh and smile and hug to say hi and bye are great gestures that we should be doing on a daily basis. What makes us shy away from talking to one another or even holding a door for a stranger?

We all go through the same things for the most part. We wake up in the morning get ready and head or take care of something during the day then come home or finish our jobs and get ready to relax and head to bed. Eating, showering, dealing with money. There are guidelines in life that everyone follows. We are so much alike no matter who we are! I wish I could just sit down with everyone and learn their stories. What makes them tick, who are they from their point of view. How do other people perceive them?

Why do we judge people without knowing who they are or where they came from? We don’t like being judged so why do we do it to others. We all need to take the time to learn about others and not judge them by the way they look or act the first time you meet them. Time for a change in how we treat others.